This is a series of 7 episodes made for the company Wilier Triestina to present 7 different types of bikes. To achieve this assignment we decided to tell the stories of different people, all lovers of the sport of cycling and people that loves the brand Wilier Triestina. Through them we traveled in different places, to show history, nature and performance, all specs contained in the Wilier bikes.





We presented the bike model GTR, telling the story of Massimo and his friends, and the unforgettable time they spend together thanks to the passion of cycling that they have in common. This is not only a time that they spend together but it’s also a travel through amazing places and views.

#LOVEMYWILIER chapter 2 : 101X

A mountain path, a climb. This is what this story is all about, the joy for Giacomo of walking in a well know path, a path that the he knows so much to be able to retrace it with his eyes closed and every time gives him wonderful feelings.

#LOVEMYWILIER chapter 3 : Superleggera

To show this bike, packed of history and elegance we presented Alessio, a man that works in a clothing store in Bassano, surrounded by history and style. He also loves historical bikes and this bond established his life style.

#LOVEMYWILIER chapter 4 : Cross Disk Carbon

Federico Zurlo is a road cyclist who has not forgotten its origins in the cyclo-cross and when he’s not traveling around he world for the road race, he love to train with his Wilier Cross Cycle in the near places where he lives.

#LOVEMYWILIER chapter 5 : 903 TRN

An instructor of the Cortina Ski School tells us, how close the emotions are when he is coming down from the snowy slopes on skis and in the summer when he ride through the flowery paths with his Wilier.

#LOVEMYWILIER chapter 6 : Cento1SR

Alice, when she was a child, could not wait to arrive on Sunday morning to ride the bike with her ​​dad, now she is grown up and a lot of things changed, but not the bike rides she do with his father.

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